White Rabbit

Rockliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects Ltd.

A large temporary origami-inspired rabbit. The white rabbit may have many connotations in literature and art, to RPK it’s a symbol of levity and curiosity. We hope to bring those qualities to bear when constructing this installation. As a firm of designers, this as an opportunity to push ourselves to scale up an origami bunny, creating it out of triangulated translucent sheets of coroplast.

Artist Bio

Rockliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects Ltd. has been in continuous business since 1969 and has a proud tradition of contributing to the built environment throughout communities in Western Canada and the Territories. Our history tends to give us a long-term perspective on the responsibility of modifying the places we all collectively call Home. RPK is passionate about working with our local communities to create responsive and performative spaces that contribute positively to their context. This firm is currently contributing to downtown Edmonton’s redevelopments by renovating two buildings in the Quarters for not-for-profit groups.


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ATB Place, MacDonald Drive
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