About Nuit Blanche 2018

We are ecstatic to present to you Nuit Blanche 2018. It has been a real labour of love and commitment for a very small group of dedicated volunteers and some real vision from Edmonton City Councils of 2017 and Council 2018. This event is really about building a better city, about situating contemporary art practices by visionary designers, artists, architects, and creatives and connecting these works with urban spaces and mixing in the passion and enthusiasm of Edmontonians.
We are so very humbled by the tremendous support of our partners. They gave to Nuit Blanche money, influence, gifts in-kind and immense generosity. These innovative business leaders are very Edmonton, they rally behind an idea and become champions of it which helps to make Nuit Blanche Edmonton truly the most Edmonton thing. It makes our hearts swell.

The works this year all have threads of illumination in the art pieces and we hope you will take moments of brightness and infuse with it your experiences and share these things with strangers, new friends and long-time family members, chosen and given.

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