We need your help to ensure Nuit Blanche is a success: we have volunteer positions available that allow you to experience the festival from a different perspective. Without the help of volunteers, we would never be able to make Nuit Blanche a reality, and we thank everyone who is able to offer some of their time. 

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If you have questions, please consult our FAQ below or send us an email

Job Descriptions

Volunteer Center

Your co-volunteers will need a ‘home’, where they first sign in, learn where to go, take a break, have something to eat and drink and feel welcome. You will make it happen and be in the center of it all.

Information/Merchandise Tents

Visitors will have a lot of questions and you will have all the answers about layout, programming and schedules of the event and amenities in the surrounding area. The Information Tents will also be Lost & Found stations. You will keep records of everything dropped off and picked up from here. And then there are the memories that patrons want to take home. You will set up merchandise, record and keep track of inventory, and handle cash and credit/debit card machines. At the end of your shift you will reconcile the revenue and merchandise inventory.

Art Interpreters

Not everything is immediately clear to the viewer. This is where your knowledge about the exhibit will give patrons a sense of what it is all about. A background in the broader/wider arts field is clearly an asset for this position.

Crowd Control (Crowd/Venue Management)

We want to keep it all organized and friendly. In this position you will be stationed close to any of the exhibits and ensure that patrons don’t overstep boundaries around the exhibit, guide and coordinate waiting lines, and at the same time give some information about the event. You should be outgoing with good interpersonal skills and must feel comfortable with large crowds. And since we would like to get an idea how many people will be attending we will provide you with a counter.

Roaming Merchandise Sellers

Nothing like a beautiful memory of a great event. Nuit Blanche will sell merchandise throughout the event site. As a sales person you will interact with patrons, set up merchandise, record and keep track of inventory, and handle the credit/debit card machine. At the end of your shift you will reconcile the revenue and merchandise inventory.

Welcoming Team

Some exhibits require patrons to sign up for the experience, write little notes and more. With a welcoming smile you will assist and explain what Nuit Blanche and the specific exhibit is all about.


What would this event be without a visual record that we can enjoy years from now? You will capture the experience in beautiful pictures of the exhibits, the atmosphere in general, signage of all sponsors, volunteers and artists in action, and the general set up. Experience in photography, particularly at night, is required.

Street Barricades / Loading Zones

As this is an outdoor event, cars have to stay outside of the event area. Well, or just drop something off. You will make sure that Nuit Blanche remains a pedestrian kingdom. You will be a professional and friendly person with good communication skills. At the same time you know when to be assertive.


You will be the all-around star for the whole event. As a floater you will be trained and familiarized with all of the positions since it will be your job to give your co-volunteers a break, fill in if someone failed to come to his or her shift, or assist staff by running errands. You will be flexible to sudden changes, have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and enjoy making different experiences. You will be assigned to certain areas of the event.

Pre-event prep

Obviously events don’t just happen. A lot of preparation must go into this – some of the exhibits need to be built, inflated, set-up, arranged, prepared, folded, cut, and whatever else will be required in the days leading up to Nuit Blanche. You will be the team that makes it happen.

Day of event prep

The Countdown is on. Whatever could not be prepared beforehand must be completed on-site by 6pm. You will assist us making sure that by the evening everything is in place and ready to go.

Post event

The event is over and now we need to take it all apart again. For this we need every hand, yours – actually. This position is ideal for early risers


What happens after I send the application form?

Once we receive your application form, you will be contacted to determine the date(s), time(s) and area(s) in which you will be volunteering. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences. You will be invited to a Meet & Greet for new volunteers and a mandatory orientation before the festival.

What is expected from me?

We are a team and all depend on each other to make this festival a great experience for everyone. You are expected to commit to your schedules and to represent the event and its organizers in a positive and professional manner at all times.

Will there be a background check?

Yes. You may be asked to fill out the police record form. You will be required to bring two pieces of government-issued ID – Driver’s License, ID card, Passport, and Alberta Health Care Card are accepted IDs. Please note that your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and non-government-issued IDs (eg.  student ID) are NOT accepted.  Events Edmonton may also be contacting a reference that you must provide on your application form.

Can minors volunteer too?

Unfortunately, no. This is a late night / early morning event and for liability reasons we will not accept minors.

What are the perks of volunteering?

You will meet great people, be a part of a very exciting new world-class event in our city, and add another great experience to your life.

You can have snacks and beverages at our volunteer center and to make sure that everyone recognizes you as a volunteer you will receive a ball cap and lanyard, which you will take home as a keep-sake.