Thought Drift


Thought Drift is an interactive art installation composed of helium balloons tethered to the ground, yet floating to varying heights. Viewers are encouraged to capture the balloon of their choice and share their thoughts about the space they are in, how it makes them feel, what drew them in or why they are here. Once they have written their thoughts the participant will release their balloon allowing it to drift back into place.

The piece provides a meaningful opportunity to reflect on where we are and where we’ve been. Often we walk through and reside in spaces without realizing why we made that choice. The impact can not truly be understood until we take a moment to reflect.

Artist Bio

Since 2000, MADE has been working to build the design community in Edmonton. We put on events, we advocate for better design, and we provide a social space for designers in Edmonton.

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Rice Howard Way West (101A Avenue and 101A Street)
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