Snow Wolf

Cameron Farn

As we travel through the beautiful darkness of Nuit Blanche, Alberta Ballet’s Snow Wolves illuminate our evening passage towards the dawn by providing a space of respite and calm. Their heavenly (divine?) presence reaches out with gentle rays of light and welcomes the weary to rest. Travellers can weave through the exhibition, or lay on their backs to absorb the warm glow and listen to the natural night sounds of the North Saskatchewan River valley flow through the space. Anyone can experience Snow Wolves—whether young, old, seasoned, or new to the arts.

Hanan Chebib, Alberta Ballet’s Product Development Specialist will lead this unique project.

Artist Bio

Cameron Farn is a native of Calgary, Alberta, whose artistic vision is fuelled by a fascination for discovery and limitless possibilities of imaginative play. Conceptual design continues to bring focus to form and has become the singular grounding influence in a life blended with sculpting, illustration and a variety of fabrication interests. As the Creative Director and Lead Designer for a specialty fabricator in North America, Cameron’s role as a consulting artist and technical designer has afforded him the opportunity and experience to develop a unique form language. This acute sense of shape married with the underlying principles which guide their creation has led Cameron to what he calls Vinculum, a bonding of potential with form.

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Edmonton City Centre Mall
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