Entre Les Rangs at The Light Gardens at Epcor Tower

Kanva, Quartier des Spectacles, Creos

Creation and execution: Kanva
Production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
Tour Producer: Creos

A sensory stroll through an urban field. We are immediately drawn to the expanse of long, waving crystalline stems planted in the heart of the city. As we wander along one of its winding paths, we are rewarded with music and lights that echo of our walk.

A tribute to fields of wheat that shimmer in the wind as the seasons pass, Entre les rangs covers a public space with thousands of flexible white stems topped with white reflectors that capture the rhythm of the surrounding urban space and reflect its life. The installation’s changing nature – depending on wind, precipitation, light (both natural and artificial) and human interaction – encourages visitors to return.

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Light Gardens
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