Aural Auroras – a night of experimental and electronic music

BEAMS - the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society

BEAMS presents an all-night tour-de-force of all that is experimental in music, from ambient and drone to electroacoustic and improvisational. A cross-section of Edmonton-based artists perform live with experimental music videos from Canadian and international composers.


The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS) is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion and production of sound art, experimental music and new media. Its membership consists of professional musicians, composers and performance artists from diverse backgrounds driven to create a voice for sound orientated art in Edmonton, Alberta.

For 30 years, BEAMS’ philosophy is that of inclusion. This has allowed us to explore a wide range of artistic expression through our events, which have ranged from improvisers, modular synth music, noise music, electroacoustic music, interactive art and to video art. It is always interesting!

BEAMS is intent on fostering local fledgling and established artists through the sponsoring of new original works.

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Enbridge Centre (10175 - 101 Street NW)
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