The Quarters Downtown will light up on September 22 with the arrival of IMPULSE+LOOP.

Presented by Nuit Blanche, this outdoor, illuminated, interactive art playground will be part of the first ever Edmonton Design Week.

Impulse was created in Toronto by Lateral Office and CS Design, with sound by artist Mitchell Akiyama. The piece is comprised of see-saws connected to LED lights and a speaker, so the see-saws emit light and a temporal soundscape when activated by users. Loop comes from Montreal-based EKUMEN production company. This retro-futuristic zoetrope consists of multiple 2-metre wide cylinders. Users sit inside the cylinder and, using a railway handcar mechanism, bring animated fairy tale image loops to life.

IMPULSE+LOOP: THE QUARTERS runs from September 22–October 1, 2017 on 96 Street between 102A Avenue to 103A Avenue. This event is free and is available 24 hours a day. Thank you to Alberta Culture Days, September 29 – October 1, 2017, IMPULSE+LOOP will stay in Edmonton longer.


Susan Pointe, Curator and Project Manager of IMPULSE+LOOP, feels The Quarters is the ideal venue to bring this installation to Edmontonians. “We are very excited to use this new public space to bring engaging contemporary art to a diverse audience,” says Pointe. “We feel this installation—an interactive art playground—works in harmony with the goals of both Edmonton Design Week and the downtown revitalization. Both of these initiatives are working to transform our city through innovation in a way that is open to everyone.”

IMPULSE+LOOP: THE QUARTERS is made possible through the support of: The City of Edmonton –Regional Economic Development; EPCOR, Downtown Business Association of Edmonton; Edmonton Economic Development Corporation; Servus; Northlands; Alberta Culture Days; Bennett Jones; Synced Interactive; Kobot Industries; and TransEd LRT.