Call for Submissions

Nuit Blanche Edmonton is pleased to announce a Call for Submissions to Edmonton-area artists for a transitory public art exhibition within the City of Edmonton that will occur over the course of several nights in the fall of 2016, including the evening of September 24, 2016.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: Submissions are now due Friday, April 15th, 2016 at 4 pm. 

1. Project Description

In fall 2016, Nuit Blanche Edmonton will be producing an exhibition of temporary public art works in locations across the City of Edmonton. Tentatively called “Petite Nuit”, this exhibition differs from the large-scale, one night event of last year (and next). Petite Nuit will be more modest in scale and will feature 5 commissioned artworks in various locations over the course of several nights. The event will be free to the public and, like our previous event, will activate the dynamic nature of this city’s spaces.

2. About Nuit Blanche Edmonton

Nuit Blanche Edmonton Society is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to bring Edmontonians and contemporary art together at night to transform our urban spaces through transitory public art works. In 2015 on September 26 from 7 pm to 4 am, we launched the first major Nuit Blanche event in Edmonton. With over 30 contemporary art sites spread out over the downtown core, we succeeded in attracting over 50,000 visitors out at night. Our next large scale event will be returning in 2017; and, in 2016, we will be producing smaller scale programming that will continue to celebrate the night as well as our urban spaces.

3. Types of Submissions and Evaluation Criteria

There is no one formula for a good project; however, the nature of event offers exciting opportunities to presenters. These include the opportunity to engage with the city at night, offer interactive and accessible works of art, and creatively reimagine our urban landscape.

NBE welcomes submissions from Edmonton-area artists and/or curators that:

  • Fall within the realm of contemporary art. If your project’s genre is not contemporary art, please ensure you explain how it relates;
  • Are durational or performance-based projects, or sound-based projects, and are part of a contemporary art framework;
  • Are film submissions that relate to the field of contemporary art, and may be programmed as part of series of films at one site.

 4. Eligibility Requirements

Projects must meet the following Eligibility Requirements:

  • The proposed project must be open from at least 7 to 11 pm on Saturday, September 24th, and may have the potential to be extended over the course of several nights.
  • All projects must be located within the City of Edmonton, and proposed locations may be indoors or outdoors, but cannot require major road closures and/or block bus routes. Only locations to which NBE and/or the applicant can reasonably gain access will be considered.
  • The project is unique, and will offer “entry points” for a wide audience.
  • The projects must be suitable for all ages and accessible to people of all physical abilities. Venues that are +18 will not be accepted.
  • The projects must be feasible from budgetary, logistical and safety perspectives.

5. Application

To apply, Edmonton-area artists and/or curators are asked to please email the following to by Friday, April 15, 2016 at 4 pm MST:

  • Description of the project and preferred location (350 words max)
  • Rendering or link to a video file
  • Budget in the range of 2-5k, excluding artist and curator fees and standard permits (which will be paid for separately by the organization).
  • CV(s) for all participating artists and/or curators
  • If desired, up to 10 images representing your body of work. Images may not exceed 250kb per file.

Please note: Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

6. Acceptance and Notification Process

All applications will be reviewed by the Nuit Blanche Programming Committee. The Programming Committee is comprised of practicing visual arts and arts professionals, including artists, curators, programmers, and production personnel.

All applicants will receive an e-mail to confirm receipt of their application within five business days. If you submit an application and do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your application has not been received and you will need to follow up with us at

All applicants will be advised of the results of their application by April 30, 2016.

7. Production Process

If successful, applicants will be expected to work closely and collaboratively with our production team and to adhere to our timelines. Our team will provide their support, resources and expertise in executing artworks of this scale and type. All production and permit costs will be covered by the organization, as will artist and curator fees. All projects must meet our standards for feasibility, sustainability and safety.


This project must be submitted to no later than Friday, April 15, 2016 at 4 pm MST.

 For further clarification or to query concerns please contact us at