Call for Submissions

Open Call for Independent Projects

Nuit Blanche Edmonton will be a twelve-hour major public arts event. Presented for one night only, beginning at 7 pm on Saturday, 29 September 2018 and continuing until 7 am on Sunday 30 September, this curated event of commissioned and open-call Independent projects will engage and inspire large-scale audiences from the greater Edmonton region. In addition to projects produced by Nuit Blanche Edmonton, this event will feature Independent Projects produced by arts organizations, collectives, and individual artists.

The programming committee of Nuit Blanche Edmonton seeks contemporary art proposals from artists, curators, collectives, architects, cultural institutions, schools, and creative thinkers in general with a performance, exhibition, or installation that will enthrall, excite and elate Edmontonians of all ages and levels of art knowledge. Selected projects will be exhibited at the second Nuit Blanche Edmonton.

General Information

  • 2018 will be Nuit Blanche Edmonton second edition.
  • Three exhibition areas in downtown Edmonton are proposed:
    • The Stationlands Zone will use the northwest area by 101-99 Street and 104 Avenue.
    • The Core Zone will use 101 Street as its “spine,” running between 103 Avenue and Jasper Avenue.
    • The Drive Zone will encompass MacDonald Drive from 99 Street and heading west to 102 Street NW.
  • Site-specific proposals are welcome, and should be noted in your proposal with a specific address or landmark, accompanied by an image. If you do not operate your own venue, you must contact your desired venue prior to submitting an application. If you have already been granted permissions to use the space, it would be considered an asset to the application.
  • While Nuit Blanche encourages Independent Projects to create a work specifically for the event, Nuit Blanche will also consider Independent Projects that will simply entail galleries remaining open with free admission to their existing exhibition for the duration of Nuit Blanche.
  • A separate open Call for Portfolios will be issued for artists who wish to participate.
  • There is no one formula for a good project; however, Nuit Blanche offers certain opportunities to presenters. These include the opportunity to: Engage with large numbers audiences of various backgrounds and exposure to the arts; Engage with the city at night; Offer interactive and accessible works of art; Intersect with city infrastructure and spaces in new and surprising ways.
  • Independent Projects will be self-funded by the presenter, not by Nuit Blanche Edmonton. Nuit Blanche will promote Independent Projects within the larger Nuit Blanche program, and provide listings of your project within our event guide and on our website.
  • Artists working in all contemporary practices are welcome to submit a project proposal through this Open Call, however Nuit Blanche Edmonton is foremost a visual impactful event with a projected attendance of over 70,000 over 12 hours and your project must be suitable for that amount of experiential traffic and interactions.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects must meet the following Eligibility Requirements:

  • The project must be open ALL NIGHT. Projects that are durational in nature or performance-based are framed in an endurance art framework. Projects must last for the full 12 hours of the event.
  • Projects must be free to the public.
  • Projects must be self-funded by the producing organization.
  • All projects must be located within the city of Edmonton.
  • Venues must be open to all ages. Venues that are +18 will not be accepted.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Projects will be assessed with the following criteria:

  • The focus of the project falls within the realm of contemporary art. If your project’s genre is not contemporary visual art, please ensure you explain how it relates.
  • The proposal is unique, and will offer “entry points” for a wide audience.
  • The project is of a high quality.
  • The proposal speaks to the zeitgeist of Edmonton.
  • The proposal should balance the needs of a diverse audience—age, demographic, and knowledge of the visual arts will vary dramatically between audience members.
  • The proposal should include projects of a scope and scale that can accommodate a large number of people.
  • Projects that are durational in nature or performance-based are framed in an endurance art framework. Projects must last for the full 12 hours of the event.
  • The project’s feasibility thought from both logistical and budgetary perspectives.
  • The project contributors’ previous works.

The acceptance & notification Process

Please note that applicant’s participation in Nuit Blanche is not automatic. All applications will be reviewed by the Nuit Blanche Programming Committee. The Programming Committee is comprised of practicing visual arts and arts professionals, including artists, curators, programmers, and production personnel.

All applicants will receive an e-mail to confirm receipt of their application within five business days. If you submit an application and do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your application has not been received and you will need to follow up with us at

All applicants will be advised of the results of their application by 30 June 2018.

Benefits of participating

Participating in Nuit Blanche will bring a wide range of communities and audiences to you. Many people attending will be new to the world of visual art.

Your project will benefit from an overall marketing campaign that will promote the event as a whole, driving attention to the event’s printed guide and website. Independent Projects will be included in promotional material including the event guide, website, and promotional pitches.

Production and logistics

Independent Project producers are responsible for all costs associated with their project. These costs may include (but are not limited to): artist fees, event staff, production/technical equipment, materials for the project, security guards, barricades, and power distribution.

All projects must be created and executed in strict compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code.

Independent Projects are solely responsible for ensuring that all appropriate permissions and permits are secured for the creation and execution of the project.

Application guidelines

Your application should include:

  1. A short proposal, telling us what your project is about.
  2. Bios of artists involved or organizational profile.
  3. A budget if you are asking for financial or in-kind support from Nuit Blanche, and why you need support.
  4. Images, video, audio (see the Application Form for format specifications)

Submission Process

Please send required application by the deadline: Friday, 23 June, 2018 at 6 pm MST.

Please email proposals to:, with “Independent Project Proposal” in the subject line.

We are only accepting digital submissions so please be respectful of the size of attachments and video should be via hyperlinks only. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Questions? Please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in Nuit Blanche Edmonton.